A movie like this is almost impossible to review. While none of the people involved are playing characters, I wouldn’t call Jackass Number Two a documentary and while I laughed as hard as I have for any movie lately, I wouldn’t call it a comedy (though it’s certainly more comedy than documentary). Reviewing this movie would be like critiquing your friend falling on his ass. Jackass Number Two is essentially like watching good friends laughing at each other for 95 minutes.

The stunts/practical jokes run the spectrum from slightly tasteless to truly disgusting. There’s something in the movie that will offend almost everyone. That said, I couldn’t stop laughing for most of the running time (inlcuding the opening and closing credits). Notably funny segments include Bam swapping in a counterfeit next to his sleeping mother, the fan loveletter in the hotel, and the terrorist incident. Saying anything more would ruin the fun.

As amateurish as the Jackass boys appear, the stunts and the movie itself are remarkably well-produced and professional. There’s real talent in front of and behind the camera, with Johnny Knoxville the clear standout.

Watching Jackass Number Two, I experienced something that rarely happens when I watch a movie: I didn’t want it to end. In fact, I want to go back and watch all the episodes of the Jackass TV series and the first movie again.

Sure, Jackass is stupid and dangerous and low-brow and disgusting… but I still laughed my ass off.