Seems to me that most recent horror movies are either gory or funny, rarely both. Sure, there might be an occasional joke or light-hearted moment in between chainsaw attacks, or there might be an extremely bloody death followed by laughter, but it’s rare to find a film that isn’t afraid to be gory and a lot of fun. Thankfully, Slither is a very funny splatter film that doesn’t pull any punches.

Director James Gunn knows horror films. Along with Zack Snyder he helped create the better-than-average Dawn of the Dead remake in 2004 and Slither is dripping with references to classic slasher/gore films like Shivers and Night of the Living Dead. This film is essentially three horror films in one: alien invasion, parasite attack and zombie nightmare. I personally would’ve liked to have seen more zombies, but seeing juicy slugs crawling into a bathtub makes up for it (almost).

The gore and special effects in Slither are very well done. Though relatively low-budget, the film never looks it. The acting is very good as well. Nathan Fillion proves he can be a charming leading man and Gregg Henry is lots of over-the-top fun as the foul-mouthed mayor.

I’m surprised there aren’t more movies like this: smart, gory, lots of fun. The last one I can remember is Shaun of the Dead. Slither is a film for horror fans, plain and simple. I’m looking forward to Gunn’s next horror film, whatever it might be.